Monday, June 2, 2008

Androgenacnenatural and asian with acne bad skin

Greasy foods cause the skin to "sweat" oil. If you think about it, this isn't much of a problem, unless you're an acne sufferer. When grease mixes with dead skin cells, a very sticky substance is formed. This leads to the formation of a clogged pore. Once bacteria infect the clogged pore and multiply, your acne will become visible.
Are you actively consuming "kid" foods or are you eating a balanced diet? Do you think that what you eat affects your acne? There are not any scientific studies that have proven that your diet has any affect on your acne. This could be considered good news if you do not eat properly, but a healthy diet does improve the overall appearance of your skin. So, while your diet does not directly affect your acne, it does affect your appearance.
There are many ways to stop the formation and removal of black heads. Firstly you should stop using oil based skin care products and other make ups. These products hamper your skin functions by clogging the pores. Oil free water based make ups are a good solution. Apply a face mask at least twice a week.
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