Monday, June 2, 2008

How to treat bad acne and best moisturizer for acne and dry skin

Oral contraceptives are used as cystic acne treatment in females. It suppresses overactive sebaceous glands, and is safe to be used long-term.
When millions of people suffer from a disease or condition, even one as typical as acne, it is obvious that a great deal of effort will be spent studying and attempting to understand the factors that cause the condition. This is definitely true of acne. Because acne doesn't have just one causative factor, it is even more of a challenge to isolate the factors and to provide a regimen of treatment that will provide relief on all fronts. In order to clear acne, treatment must include an antibacterial agent, an agent to dry the eruptions and products to help heal the skin breaks.
Dairy (milk and cheese products)
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