Monday, August 4, 2008

Acne herbs and the top acne treatment

Acne remedies range in types of strengths and types of herbs that are used. They tend to work quickly. They are also very good for those who have sensitive skin. One such remedy for an outbreak is to place a small amount of toothpaste on the pimples and leave it on overnight. The next morning, wash it off to find clear skin. It works by drying out the oils in the skin and getting rid of the excess oils and bacteria inside of the skin.
Benzoyl peroxide, the main ingredient used in most of the non prescription drugs for acne, is without a doubt the most effective medication in the world. The other good thing is that it is very cheap and everyone can afford to have some benzoyl peroxide-based products at home to treat their acne or blackheads. This medication penetrates deep into your pores and kills the acne causing bacterias under your skin effectively. Since the presence of p.acne (the main bacteria that causes acne) is one of the major cause or trigger for acne, by using benzoyl peroxide to effectively kill p.acne bacterias, you can expect your acne condition, including blackheads to improve dramatically.
The Neostrata skin care for acne line is composed of a few different products that are specifically created to deal with oily skin, which is the kind of skin that is highly susceptible to the development of acne problems. The company manufactures and sells numerous skin care products for different skin types and different uses, and it has a full range of products to treat acne. It also has some products that do not necessarily belong to the Neostrata skin care for acne category, but they are still safe for use by acne prone individuals.
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