Monday, August 4, 2008

Products to avoid for acne prone skin and types of acne pictures

For the third stage of treating acne, you will need to choose a good skin toner. If you are looking at toners, purchase one which is free of alcohol, and water-based. A toner will help you remove the dead skin cells, as well as unclog your pores. This will allow your skin to stay free from breakouts, and remain healthy.
In most people, the presence of acne is actually a symptom of a much deeper problem. For some reason their body is out of balance, either chemically or hormonally. Hormonal imbalances most often occur as we transition from childhood to adults. In these cases, an acne cream treatment is probably the best option, as the imbalance is temporary and will normally go away on it's own as you mature.
Acne is not just about some nasty bacterial infections and medical treatments. You are basically wasting your hard-earned money on products that don't work on acne if you don't know what really works. I can tell you from my first hand experience with most of the top and most expensive products that are heavily advertised on the TV, magazines and radio ads are mostly not really that effective. This article will show you how to treat acne without needing to use anything expensive.
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