Monday, August 4, 2008

Superficial acne scar microderm and chinese women herbs for acne,baggy eyes,dark circ

The above listed treatments of course involves different requirements like cost, time, post treatment care and recovery time. The different treatments also have specific situation in which they are most effective. Therefore, it is very necessary to do some research to find out the options available to you compared with your budget, available time and the kind of scarring you have. It is always a safer option to consult a specialist.
Most acne suffers searching for a solution, have at least heard of Proactiv if not tried it. Proactiv was started by two dermatologists who studied the effects of acne on - not only teens - but adults as well.
Sometimes the oils from different plants can be used to clean the skin and help to reduce acne. Such oils are lavendar, clove, tea tree, and rosewood oils. They should be diluted in lotions or creams to keep them from being to strong. Mint has also been found to be very good for skin. Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in reducing acne. It should be applied to the face with a cotton ball. Results can be expected within just a few days.
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