Monday, August 4, 2008

How to remove acne scars from face and over the counter acne scar treatment

Scar makeup can improve the appearance of your skin. Scars that are obtained from having an acne can be on your skin for life. Scars are skin correction that is made because of: an injury, sickness, or a surgery. Scarring as a result of acne can be permanent. Scarring from acne happens as a result of acne activity more often than not when it has lasted a long time or severe.
The results of the treatments will not be noticed until at least 10 months to possibly over a year. Follow-up treatments may also be needed depending on the severity of the scar - but another will be scheduled between six months to a year.
2. Diet. By making some changes in your diet, you will be able to see a difference in the clarity of your skin. As fresh fruits and vegetables contain lots of essential nutrients, by increasing your consumption of these foods, your skin will heal faster, be more balanced and less dull. Another advantage of eating more fruits and vegetables is that it cleanses your body of toxin wastes so the harmful bacteria that is clogging your skin gets flushed away.
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