Monday, August 4, 2008

How to get rid of acne over night and very bad cases of acne

A person with acne can use all manner of advice. He or she might want to know how to treat acne. He or she might want to discover a way to prevent the recurrence of an acne flare-up. He or she might have special problems, problems that developed during or following a former experience with acne.
It has been determined that for some women, oral contraceptives and hormone therapy may be beneficial. Much of the debate over hormone therapy centers on risks of cancer or heart attack. But for many women, they say that estrogen makes them look and feel younger. Hormones do not change the effects of genetic aging, sun exposure damage, or damage caused by smoking. Clinical testing has determined that hormones seem to limit collagen loss, help the skin to improve firmness and elasticity and decrease the depth of wrinkles and pore size. The researcher do not have enough prove to recommend estrogen replacement for skin care alone, and it is not FDA-approved for this, but if you wish to try it, talk to your doctor about how it could benefit you.
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