Thursday, July 3, 2008

Acne solution and the world's greatest treasury of health secrets and acne

When you look at the ingredients you will see that a lot of them have synthetic chemicals and components included in the item's composition. A lot of these synthetic products may cause your skin to dry up and break out even more, or react in a negative manner. While there are a few synthetic ingredients that do help repair a person's skin through peeling or deep cleansing, you will rarely find such ingredients in wholesale skin care acne treatment products. These ingredients are usually only found in products that are exclusively sold to skin care professionals like plastic surgeons or dermatologists because they are simply too expensive for the cheaper wholesale acne treatment products that are being sold online.
The way I've always tackled acne problems is with natural home-made remedies, I've always sworn by natural cures. There are many reasons for this, but I think the main reason is; I don't have any allergies to any remedies, so I know for sure that the remedies won't cause any embarrassing side effects.
1) Get rid of excess oil - Acne is often aggravated by overactive oil glands and dirt on the skin. To keep acne away, it is important that you keep your skin oil free but at the same time hydrated. Dehydrated skin can cause an imbalance and result in weak and uneven skin tone. Use oil free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated without the additional oil. It is also best for you to use an acne facial cleanser to keep your skin bacteria free.
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