Thursday, July 3, 2008

Clear up my acne and how to cure acne caused by prednisone

A blackhead is an open comedo where the plugged portion gets larger and pushes through the surface. It doesn't look black because of dirt, but because of the melanin in the skin. This is another type of inflammatory acne.
Acne scars range from minor scaring to serious scars that can result in disfiguring the face. Even the minimal acne scar can devastate one's self confidence and disturb one emotional state. Good thing about acne is that which was earlier not treatable can be easily treated now. There are various types of treatment available for the acne scar removal that is decided as per the individual problem and type of treatment, which one want to undergo.
2. Eat well. Eat plenty of fruits or vegetables at the beginning of each meal. Eating a handful of nuts each day can also be helpful. Always choose whole grain products over heavily processed grain products.
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