Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reviews for zeno acne treatment and birth control pills that help acne

Very few people actually know that natural acne cures provides the best and holistic approach. People do not realize that the cause of acne is not a single source, the skin. Acne is caused by bacteria which infect the hair follicles and pores which causes an outbreak. Oily skins have been proven to be more vulnerable to attract acne out breaks than normal skin.
As a long time acne sufferer from my teenage years and early adult years I feel it is important I pass on some good information that I learnt through having it. One common misconception is that the cleaner your skin is the less acne you will have. Well it is good to have clean skin as it sure does help, but washing your face once in the morning with a cleanser is clean enough.
Honey has outstanding antibiotic and antibacterial properties, in fact most micro organisms cannot exist within it. It's a real kryptonite for bacteria!
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