Thursday, July 3, 2008

Best acne treatment that works and do you use black soap for acne

So I tried the 3 day fast when I had a spare three days, and because you eat only a few calories each day I had no energy to do anything but sit around the house...
It is said that impure blood is also a reason for acne and pimples. Acne cure and treatment at times involves medicines that purify blood. In India, Neem (Azhadiracta Indica) is considered to be an effective blood purifier. Application of ground neem leaves on areas where you see inflammation relieves acne of pain and inflammation. Oil extracts and medicines from neem are very effective on a variety of skin problems. Check out many more such tips at my lens. You may also visit my blog for many more such tips.
Before we can discuss the benefits of using an acne pimple naturist treatment, it must be understood that acne is a symptom, not a disease. Acne pimples form because there is something out of balance inside of your body and your natural defenses are hard at work trying to regain that balance.
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