Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chest and back white acne and treat acne scar with natural

The walls of the blocked follicle usually rupture. Oil, dead skin cells and bacteria usually found on the surface of the skin and irritate it. This results in small areas of inflammation.
Lesions caused by acne skin conditions may be effectively reduced with both beta-hydroxy acid and alpha hydroxyl acid. However, the chemical peel procedure that uses beta-hydroxy acid provides fewer side effects compared to chemical peeling with alpha hydroxy acid. The result with the use of beta-hydroxy lasted longer as well.
This type of skin care treatment also includes those which exfoliate such as skin peels; these are easily obtainable in any drug store. These work towards removing dead skin cells, reducing the possibility of pore-clogging and bacteria development. There is a huge market for these types of acne skin care products as they don't require a consultation with a dermatologist. These formulations contain the chemical benzoyl peroxide and the naturally occurring salicylic acid; they work by removing the excess oil from the skin and halt the growth of acne.
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