Thursday, July 3, 2008

Proactiv acne lotion and free acne treatment

Did you know that not drinking enough water can also be a cause of acne? Believe it or not, but when you do not drink enough water daily, your skin cells can become dehydrated. We lose a lot of water through the pores of our skin, so keeping them hydrated is necessary in order to maintain a healthy skin function.
We've all heard many interesting theories and insider stories about causes of Acne ranging from diet issues, to hygiene and Stress to name but a few.
Acne is one condition which can permanently hurt your self esteem especially when it leaves scars after it's gone therefore you need to be really careful when you are suffering from acne. You see most people don't know what needs to be done and take anyone's and everyone's advice. You see in order to get rid of acne as fast as possible you need to follow a certain set of rules and tips. Read on to discover some of the most stunning tips on how to get rid of acne as fast as possible and achieve the desired results instantly...
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