Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have more acne on one side of my face and to get rid of acne scars home remedies

Sometimes the medication and treatments offered can be expensive and very regimented. You must use the cream or take the pills, or wash with the cleanser a certain amount of times a day. Sometimes the time for this is just not available. And if they work, the minute you think the acne has gone away and you stop using the product, it comes back with a vengeance. With it comes the same old feelings of frustration and despair. The ever growing rich industry, has you hooked. Consider also, that commercially sold medication may treat the problem for a while, but think about what such treatments might be doing to your skin. Often the way forward is to hope that you very soon grow out of your condition or to seek an alternative solution.
As a result of the accumulated dirt and other harsh chemicals, acne develops. Having acne starts in the puberty stage when the bodys sexual hormones starts to become more active. The hormones become active causing the skin to become oilier. Oily skin when exposed to the polluted environment develops acne.
Acne treatments can have any number of potential side effects on your skin, aside from allergic reactions. It can cause redness, flaking, thinning and inflammation, amongst other things. However, this is less common than having an allergic reaction to it. However, it is also easier to get rid of the symptoms if they are visible to the naked eye. The exception to the rule is the thinning of the skin, which will not be immediately noticeable unless you are looking for changes in your skin. However, only a handful of people have this reaction.
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