Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is acne normal during pregnancy and best skin care for nodule type adult acne

Was acne an issue in the earlier ages? Is acne an issue in the societies where people still live in primitive conditions? Let us think about that. The desire to look good is inherent in all of us. That's is nature's way of proceeding with the specie. Nature wants that males and females get attracted and produce more of their kind so that the specie survives and grows. The desire to look good is inherited since ages. That is the only way to attract the opposite sex. In modern world the stress on other personality factors is increasing but you will still rarely see a celebrity who does not look good.
Oatmeal surprise, as I like to call it. All you do is make up some oatmeal like you would for consumption, apply to your acne, then wash off after an hour or so. The oatmeal helps dry up any bacteria in the pores and then it draws it out after you wash your face afterwards.
What laser treatment does is to remove the top layer of the skin, revealing the new, unscarred layer. The treatment will work better with certain types of acne scars and may not be effective at all for other types of acne scars.
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