Thursday, October 2, 2008

Acne during pregnancy australia

« ...Although benzoyl peroxide works well, it is possible you may have a reaction, it is suggested that any benzoyl peroxide skin care product should not contain the active ingredient at more than 5.5 percent. Because we all have different types of skin, more than one type of acne skin care product may need to be tried. This is quite normal, however, if it is proving to be a problem then consult with your doctor, or skin care specialist....
...The first thing that many people try is an application of vitamin E oil to the area. Vitamin E is a substance which has proven uses when it comes to healing scars. It can make skin that is stiff with scar tissue more flexible and more pliable, and it can bring down the bumps of hypertropic scarring. It is most effective if the scarring itself is not terribly heavy, and if the area can be kept clean, as when the hair is short or shave off entirely....»
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«...This kind of acne causes severe scarring on the face and back. Worse still, there is not very much that you can do about it. And for gender, you have Acne Fulminans, a rather serious form of acne, in which the eruption is accompanied by fever and body ache. This kind of acne mainly affects males and erupts suddenly. Other symptoms of this kind of acne include a high white blood cell count, as well as loss of appetite and deep scarring. These are only some examples of the different classifications of acne....»
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