Thursday, October 2, 2008

What to eat for clearing up severe acne

« ...Most people believe that scrubbing the face will help them clean it better. Nothing more wrong than that! By scrubbing hard you risk to break capillaries or aggravate an existing skin condition. Instead using cleanser with microbeads will do the proper skin scrubbing for you. Then you can massage your face gently in circular motion. This will improve the blood flow in your skin....
...For most people who suffer from acne, it begins at puberty. During this stage, human body starts producing some hormones known as androgens. These help in enlargement and extra stimulation of the sebaceous glands in people prone to acne. Some women may get acne during their menstrual cycle or pregnancy due to sensitivity to these androgens. The over production of sebum by sebaceous glands tends to mixing the oil with dead skin cells and bacteria on the surface of the skin. This results in blockage of pores....»

«...There is general advice to the public that vitamin A helps to cure acne. What you need not know is that if you take an excessive amount of it, it can accumulate in your liver to dangerous levels and cause serious health problems. Have a regular intake of vitamin A just by consuming more vegetables. Good sources include leafy vegetables such as spinach and watercress. There is no need to digest an overdose of vitamin A....»
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