Thursday, October 2, 2008

Doe tretinoin work for acne

« ...Use medicated products. Do not squeeze pimples. Sea food should be totally avoided since it contains iodine which makes the existing acne worse. Also, avoid the consumption of refined...
...One of the things I will share with you is that when it comes to eating habits, since excess oil is often the cause of acne, the intake of oil is sometimes reduced to help cause a joint reduction in the rate of oil production in a person's skin. If feel that it is also important that you maintain the right sleeping habits; because a lack of sleep also causes breakouts and acne, it is thought that the lack of sleep cause stress and breakouts. ...»
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«...Of course, having had pimples as a young adult doesn't make you an instant expert. New medications and products are now available that enable most common conditions to be brought under control. Visiting a dermatologist is usually a good idea for any skin condition. Those spots that appear on your teenager's skin are in all likelihood acne, but there are other skin conditions that resemble it. Talking with a dermatologist will give you a definite diagnosis, and also provide you with the widest variety of treatment options available....»
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