Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mary kay acne treatment gel

« ...Acne is a problem that only few lucky people do not face. But for the majority this is a burning problem, or at least it used to be during the time of their adolescence. Everybody has suffered from acne and everybody knows what it is, but for some people acne problem became not only the intruder of adolescence, but a constant invader that irritates, interferes into private relationship, always stays on their minds, reminding them how ugly they are, understating their self-confidence....
...There are many people trying to find the best way to combat acne. Many prescription drugs have also been developing to meet this demand. However, in most cases, these medicines contain strong chemicals that can do more harm than good. They may eradicate the acne now but the side effects can be great. Prescription drugs are also not a good way to keep your skin acne free for the long term....»

«...Scars left by acne are considered unpleasant and damaging both physically and emotionally. Scars leave ugly marks on a person's face and other afflicted areas in the body whilst painful impressions and criticism from people. Thus, people genuinely try to get rid of acne scars basically to avoid horrible sights of scars and critique from other people....»
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