Thursday, October 2, 2008

Neutrogena acne treatment

« ...Compared with topical therapy, systemic therapy has a more rapid onset of clearing, which may enhance patient compliance. However, whenever systemic drugs are administered, the potential dangers- including side effects, drug allergy/intolerance, drug interactions, and fetal exposure in women who are or may become pregnant-must be carefully considered. ...
...Baby soap is a good one to use. Wash your skin frequently, at least two to three times during the day, more often is better. Do not pick at it! Keep your fingers from touching it or trying to rub it off....»

«...Acne sufferers can calm severe outbreaks with a visit to their doctor. The physician can inject cortisone into the lesions, reducing redness, swelling and pain. Many celebrities use this method when they have to be in front of the camera and have a last minute breakout....»
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