Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How clear acne naturally

« ...Acne vulgaris begins when oil and dead skin clogs the pores of the face. It can also affect the neck, back, chest and shoulders. If the clogged pores get infected, the result is swelling, pus, inflammation, and tenderness....
...It also should be noted that in most cases it is wise to seek professional intervention for the treatment and resolution of acne scars sooner rather than later. Therefore, even if you are inclined to try some sort of over the counter preparation, you must not spend an inordinate amount of time pursuing such a course if you really are intent on a final resolution of your acne scar condition....»
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«...• They have anti-inflammatory properties helpful in the relieve of symptoms of acne as well as the preventing the formation of new inflamed lesions...»
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