Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Acne scar treatments for black skin

« ...The 3 day apple program and similar programs are a good START, but that's all they should really be - a jump start. So don't kid yourself that after 3 days you'll be acne-free forever, and then go out and eat anything you want without consequences. Not likely. The truth is, it takes a little more 'fine-tuning' of your diet to keep acne away - for good....
...Whatever remedy you choose, there is a remedy that does not require you to place chemicals in your skin and still allows for great results just as fast, if not faster than the store bought chemical cures. These are safe, herbal, and highly effective. From prevention to ridding pimples from the face when they are spotted, there is surely a natural acne treatment out there for you....»
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«...Avoid drinking and smoking. Alcohol dehydrates the body, causing your skin to dry up. Substitute alcohol for water, enough water intake is extremely important. You will look and feel much better if your body is properly hydrated. Smoking also makes your skin look much older, smoking often makes your skin look gray....»
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