Thursday, October 2, 2008

Acne reducing birth control

« ...Treatment options for acne scars depend on the severity of the scarring and the skin type of the person wishing repair. In people with darker skin, Fitzpatrick Types V, VI; options are limited because of concern for pigment irregularities after treatment. For lighter skinned individuals, treatments range from simple facial exfoliation to deep chemical or laser peels to surgical intervention....
...One thing about acne... ONE size certainly does not fit ALL. It's "multi-factorial," to borrow a phrase from one dermatologist. So don't let someone on some acne website boil everything down, and make you believe that acne has ONE, and only ONE cause. They'll usually give you some 'schpeel' about "the true cause of acne" which ends up being nothing more than an over-simplification of a few factors, i.e., "the liver," or "inflammation."...»
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«...We use antibiotics to kill acne causing bacterias. We have been using those pills or topical gel for such a long time effectively that it is very hard to ignore just how good they are at treating acne. But what most of us don't know yet is that antibiotics of natural sources exist and still do the job similarly well, if not better, than medical antibiotics....»
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