Thursday, October 2, 2008

Types of teenage acne

« ...10. If your acne is severe, you can seek help from a skin doctor (dermatologist) Dermatologists help people with a variety of skin problems. A dermatologist may prescribe medications for your back acne problem. There are oral antibiotics, topical treatments, retinol and even oral contraceptives....
...Modify your diet. Try to add some fruits to your daily diet. At the same time, if you have a pimple spot, you can apply lemon to it. This is effective in reducing the bacteria. You can also use mashed tomato as a mask to improve your skin condition....»
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«...After the above has been done, the next sould be exfoliating. Use a scrub or facial mask and please, let the product do its work. Don't try to help the product as some people tend to in their zeal cause irritation during this process because they are rough while exfoliating. Just let the product do what it should do. Patience is the key. After exfoliating, you might use a toner to residual dead skin or and or excess cleanser. it is necessary again to use a toner made for your skin type....»
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