Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sulfur acne treatments safe for pregnancy

« ...Cystic acne is further worsened by Retention keratosis, under, this condition, skin cells of cystic acne are shed improperly. This further leads to clogging of the skin follicles and the dead cells in conjunction with the over production of sebum. This environment is perfect for growth of bacterial infections. The infection has potential of spreading to other follicles that can further aggravate the inflammation, swelling and redness....
...Before applying any of these solutions, wash your face first. Use the glycerin-based or the sorbitol-based cleanser to get rid of oils. What's good about these remedies is that they don't leave your skin irritated or dried. Instead, they balance the level of acidity of your skin, making it difficult for all types of bacteria to proliferate and grow....»
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«...1) Cleanse your face properly. This includes using a gentle cleanser that does a good job deep cleansing the pores. Use a reputable acne skin care range that have been tested and used by many. There is a better chance of the product's effectiveness if many acne sufferers recommend it....»
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jamie said...

Sulfur has a drying effect on the skin. It allows dead skin cells to fall off, taking with them excess oil and dirt while at the same time leaving pores clean and bacteria free.
Although the exact effects of sulfur on a developing infant are not known, sulfur is generally thought to not be harmful, since it is used topically and does not absorb into the body. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a physician before they use sulfur products to cure acne.