Sunday, September 28, 2008

Acne and hormonal imbalance

« ...Cystic Acne is also known as nodulocystic acne, and it is the most severe form of acne. Rarer than other types of acne, cystic acne most often effects the face, chest, back and shoulders. This form of acne is extremely troublesome for those who suffer from it, but there are treatments available to significantly reduce the effects of cystic acne....
...We've all heard many interesting theories and insider stories about causes of Acne ranging from diet issues, to hygiene and Stress to name but a few....»
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«...These products try to simply "zap a zit" after it is has sprung to life. Rather than preventing new breakouts they only try to deal with pimples that are already on your skin. There's no point in eliminating one pimple when you know another one is ready to come to life....»
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