Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heal acne scars fast

« ...One of the age old remedies which had been and still in use is the usage of the rose hip oil to remove the acne scars left behind. This type of remedy has been used by the people of South America from hundreds of years. The usage of the rose hip oil is very good for various skin problems like acne, chicken pox even for the scars left by burns and wounds. It even shows a dramatic healing effect on the scars left by boils and face injuries. It has a re-hydrating effect on the skin which gives a more elastic texture to the skin. It gives a very nice moisturizing effect on your skin. It even reduces the wrinkles and the age marks. It rejuvenates the skin and makes your face look much healthier and younger. It reduces the pigmentation and removes the dark spots from your skin....
...Prescription acne treatment acts on the factors that lead to acne, reduces oil production in the skin and effectively reduces infections from bacteria while minimizing inflammation. Prescription treatments also exist for removing the acne scars. Commonly employed prescription acne treatment includes topical treatments, antibiotics, isotretinoin, laser and light therapy, and cosmetic procedures. A combination of these treatments is often prescribed by dermatologists for achieving long term results. Prescription acne treatment such as soft tissue filters, dermabrasion, radiofrequency and laser light treatments, microdermabration and skin surgery are employed for treating the scars that are left by acne....»
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«...When treating acne, keep in mind that you are looking for long-term solutions. Not just a one-time treatment for existing acne. Remember acne is a skin condition that can recur if it is not treated properly. You want to have a skin care system that not only gets rid of current acne but also is also capable of preventing new ones from forming....»
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