Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best herbs for acne

« ...• Retin-A is a cream that is applied onto the acne area to reduce inflammation and skin lesion. The ingredient is also called as Tretinoin....
...Many people, and maybe you too, don't realize is that the solution to their acne is probably attached to them right now! The solution I am referring to is your hands. How many times when you see that irresistibly juicy pimple do you succumb to your temptation and pop it? And how many times have you said to yourself,"Man if only I hadn't pooped that pimple it wouldn't look so bad." Well its true the more you touch and pop pimples the worse they are. Many times a pimple will rise to the surface of the skin, stay a while, check out the weather, maybe get a sun tan, but if you leave them alone long enough they will go down and vanish. Sure its fun to squirt pimple juice all on the mirror but your face will look worse! Not to mention pooping pimples leaves you at a higher risk for acne scarring. So my TIP numero uno is do not pop pimples, plain and simple. When the acne monster tempts you, just say say no!...»
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«...So I looked into the connection between acne and food. It seemed that all the companies that sold cleansers and herbal formulas were stating that acne couldn't be cured by diet, and that food had nothing to do with acne. Yet they were also saying that you need to use their acne cleansers for 6 months to clear your skin, at great expense!...»
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