Saturday, September 27, 2008

Acne on jawline and back due to pregnancy

« ...Dirt is another common cause. When the pores are clogged, it gives the bacteria the opportunity to thrive. However, in a bid to keep the skin clean and the pores unclogged we can cause more problems by over-washing. Over-washing can cause the skin to get irritated and as the body tries to counter the irritation, the situation can worsen. If your condition is caused by bacteria in the pores, you would need an antibiotic to tackle the bacteria at source....
...Dermatologists today not only lead out in the efforts to get rid of acne, but they are more likely to add restorative techniques to the overall treatment of the patients. Chemical peels and other cutting edge techniques help to reduce the after effects such as scarring, resulting from adolescent acne. When the appearance of the physical effects of acne can be eliminated, the patient is more likely to have a better self image, especially if the person has a job or career that requires them to be much in the public eye. Even if it is just a matter of liking what you seen in the mirror personally, skin restoration is an important factor in the overall treatment of acne. ...»
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«...I also recommend the potato method. As bizarre as it sounds, it yields the greatest of results. This is probably the most uncommon natural acne home treatment. You simply get a large potato, cut it in half. Then use the flat edge of the potato and rub it on the acne infected areas. There are certain properties in the potato that help break down the bacteria inside the pores, and the texture of the potato helps exfoliate, and removes any dead skin cells that may gather on your body....»
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