Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hair products safe acne prone skin

« ...If you kill these good bacteria, it will certainly affect the digestion process in your body. If your digestive system slows down, toxins in your body will build up. Until the point where toxins in your body is too much for your kidney to handle, it will cast the entire toxin to your skin. Suppose that if toxin were to be ditch away to your skin, acne is going to haunted you for life....
...When we become stressed out, hormone levels are raised by the adrenal gland which will enlarge the oil glands even further. Puberty can also increase the size and production of oil glands due to higher levels of hormones....»
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«...Laser therapy, both for treating the disease, and improving the appearance of acne scarred skin, as well as the use of photodynamic therapy, are some of the weapons modern medicine are using in the fight against acne. Unfortunately, no conclusive data exists, yet, on the long term, effectiveness of these therapies. Well have to wait and see....»
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