Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dry acne prone skin

« ...- Don't eat foods that are high on the glycemic index. Some people develop facial problems when they eat a lot of potatoes. Stay away from foods that contain zinc antagonists. Including minerals such as copper, calcium and iron may interfere with zinc absorption....
...Finding top acne treatments can be a bit daunting especially for those who have no idea as to what types of acne remedies are available these days. Well, a number of formulations designed to treat acne are available today for people to choose from. These treatments vary in names, brands, ingredients, mechanism, and effects. Some are designed only to heal mild forms of acne, while others are made to treat even serious lesions and acne scarring. With the market now teeming with these choices, there's nothing else better to do then than to note exactly the severity of the said condition....»
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«...Another known cause of acne is internal yeast overgrowth. This is also called Candida and has been known to be a factor cause of acne along with a lot of other health problems. There are many simple ways to find out if you have Candida. Simply get a glass of water and spit in it. See if the spit floats or sinks to the bottom. This will tell if you have acne. This yeast problem can be solved through avoiding your intake of sugary foods. Candida is killed also through taking beneficial bacteria such as Pro Biotic pills....»
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