Saturday, September 27, 2008

What to eat cereal with if have acne

« ...There are many single herbs which help with acne for adults and teenagers. Some herbal combinations are designed specifically to help with female or male hormonal imbalances. When taking hormonal herbal remedies, some people find this clears up several problems at once. ...
...Changing your diet, drinking more water and avoiding expensive treatments filled with chemicals can make your skin look a lot clearer and healthier. In the long run your health will improve, your skin will look clearer and you'll save money....»
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«...Many people still rely on bath soap to cleanse their face. Unfortunately the same cleansers you might use for the area under your arm are not going to be good for the delicate area of your face! Think about this for a moment - the dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and things such as this that you get in other areas of your body just aren't going to be present on your face, at least not to the same extent. Additionally, the areas of your underarms, groin, and feet all harbor bacteria (which is one reason for them to have odors) and you need to use a soap or cleanser strong enough in these areas in order to kill those bacteria. Your face however, even if it has acne, does not have the same bacteria and certainly not to the same extent....»
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