Sunday, September 28, 2008

Acne blemishes cream

« ...Acne can be more complex that it seems. Therefore, it is rather important to know what the different types of acne are so as to be able to treat it properly. You can use the term acne lesion to describe the following types of breakouts like whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and nodules. In this article, we will discuss what each of these is....
...Many other products are available to treat acne that a physician must prescribe. You'll need to discuss with your doctor what's right for you, because you'll need to determine what's right for your skin type, type of acne, and how severe your condition is. First, it's usually recommended that you try over-the-counter medications before you resort to a prescribed treatment. If you should decide to use a prescribed antibiotic or other treatment, this can lessen your need for over-the-counter and often harsh products, but sometimes they're necessary in order to clear up your condition. Your physician will discuss your condition with you and help you find what's best....»
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«...For many women, acne can be an upsetting illness. Women may have feelings of depression, poor body image, or low self-esteem. But you do not have to wait to outgrow acne or to let it run its course. Today, almost every case of acne can be resolved. Acne also can, sometimes, be prevented....»
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