Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best over the counter acne products

« ...Starting in the 1970s, detox diets became fashionable. There were several kinds, including the no-meat diet, the Celebrity Fit Diet, the Fat Smash diet, and lots of others. Nearly all of them began with a few week of detox diet, which would serve to shock and flush your system of anything harmful that it already had inside. There are also liquid-based detox diets, which use fruit and veggie juice as their core. These diets were based on reducing free radicals in your system, which would make your body healthier all around....
...Using birth control pills is now a common practice across the world as an acne control measure. This works by controlling hormone levels. Birth control pills are known to regulate hormonal levels in a person, thus lowering the chances that unpredictable changes in the body's hormone levels will cause an outbreak of acne. Both men and women have both male and female hormones. Higher than normal levels of the male hormones, which means testosterone and androgens, can result in overactive sebaceous glands, causing acne. The birth control pills contain a synthetic version of the female hormones estrogen or progestin, thus balancing the overactive male hormones that cause acne....»
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«...Beta-carotene helps in prevention of cancer and heart disease. Another ingredient is collagen in the hydrolyzed form which is helpful in nourishing the cartilages, bones, tendons, ligaments and skin. It also helps to prevent moisture loss, increases the water retention and prevents degeneration....»
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