Sunday, September 28, 2008

Acne mark fading peel neutrogena

« ...Only use safe and natural acne medications as a part of your treatment plan. If you want to fight acne effectively, don't rely on some over-the-counter treatment that is loaded with chemicals. Many times, these chemical treatments can cause skin rashes and make your skin too dry....
...There have been many reports and feedback that some of the harsh chemicals in this product can be very hard on a person's skin. Reports and feedback from many detail problem cystic acne, chemical burns, and even scaring, and skin that has not fully recovered after up to six months, with only six weeks of use....»
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«...A natural treatment to acne cysts commonly used is tea tree oil. This should be applied only to the affected area. Remember to apply the oil using a cotton applicator instead of your fingers. Also be careful not to touch your eyes with it. Tea tree oil is known for its anti bacterial properties and has been used by many to treat acne....»
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