Saturday, September 27, 2008

Food for acne scars

« ...Realize that there is no single acne treatment that will work for everyone. The treatment that's most effective for you may actually worsen someone else's condition. Likewise, the acne product that is most effective in clearing up your friend's acne condition may not work for your acne at all. What you can do is to simply try out the different acne skin care products available and see the results....
...Can you do anything to improve your acne? You bet! Get information about acne treatment products and medications, and learn how to best care for your acne-prone skin. Get an overview of acne treatments and medications, and learn how to choose an acne treatment for your skin....»
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«...I recommend moisturizers for patients who are experiencing irritation from topical therapy. I tend to encourage them to use the lighter moisturizers, rather than heavier ones, and to use only those that have been tested and are labeled as noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic....»
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