Sunday, September 28, 2008

Purpose moisturizing lotion for oil acne prone skin

« ...A lot of people wonder how to stop acne in 1 day or if it's even possible. Well I'm here to reassure you that it is possible and that many people are already doing it. I'm going to present a few tips that will speed up the acne recovery, than I'm going to let you in on a secret known by Asia for Hundreds of years! If you follow these tips and you are not acne free within 1 day than you should go see a dermatologist because it may be more severe than you think. These tips work for more than 90% of the people that have tried it....
...An alternative that has been shown to work well is hormone therapy. Some studies would suggest that hormone based skin care treatments can be effective since hormones can cause acne. There is no longer any reason to despair if you have this skin complaint or are prone to its effects. Science has produced many effective treatments for this unkind condition....»
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«...1 - Use anti bacterial body wash that are specially for body acne. As the skin thickness and texture is different from our face, you need a body wash that is a little stronger than your acne facial wash. Also, do not use regular soap....»
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